Appart HQ is the epicentre of all our creative, eye-catching, and sometimes quirky, ideas. All our departments intensively work together in power teams, often leading to creative concoctions. At Appart, ideas for one project often inspire unique concepts for another. And of course we like to safeguard these outbursts of creativity! That is why we set up our very own Innovation Lab; the perfect place to collect and develop our creative ideas. These ideas often lead to incredibly cool and unique projects; things we have never done before. Sometimes we go on it alone, and sometimes we look for partners. But it is always new, refreshing and surprising. Just like our other projects, the Innovation Lab is home to a wide range of topics and projects. Would you like to find out more? Click on the case and be inspired!



‘Blauwboek’ is a platform created for students and their teachers. It is an interactive learning method for a wide range of students, and takes future learning developments into account. It's an easy and quick way for teachers to interact and create new exams.

Coming soon


A result of our own Innovation Lab is ‘Breekijzer’. With Breekijzer, we help companies to involve vlogging in their current marketing strategy. he vlogs we create with Breekijzer, together with our marketing team and data-analist, shows the business world that this vlog-phenomenon isn’t ‘just’ for the bigger ones; Breekijzer makes it accessible for everyone.


Ik ben ZZP

For freelancers we created an unique service, called; ‘Ik ben ZZP’. This service provides multiple marketing-based options for freelancers, so they can take advantage of all our marketing-knowledge, without having to pay extreme high bills for it.